Get FREE access to two scripts that give you a 90-100% close rate on setting appointments with vendors and also a list of vendors you need to make your women's night out successful.

  • Get FREE instant access to the exact scripts we used to schedule vendors for our Women’s Night of Pampering. – We are giving away for FREE the exact script we used to land every vendor with almost a 100% success rate!
  • Get another FREE .pdf that will list out all of the Vendor Ideas for your Women’s Night of Pampering - this .pdf will break down by category what types of vendors to go after for your women’s night of pampering. It’s in an easy to read check list that you can use instantly to start contacting vendor’s for your women’s night of pampering.
  • Hosting a Women’s Night of Pampering can be a huge value to your community and position you as the leader in wellness for years to come.  In the follow-up e-mail series, Dr. Canfield will demonstrate how hosting a women’s night of pampering can help drive 50-100 new patients with each event, but will also position you as a go to leader for wellness when it comes to business referrals. Enter your e-mail for more information about how to plan, market and execute a women’s night of pampering.
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